If you believe you are missing Quick Drive routes or locomotives, please first ensure that the content is definitely compatible with what you are trying to run it with.

Some things to check are:

1- Is the loco/ consist the correct type for the route? For instance, some routes do not have electric lines, so Third Rail or Overhead trains will not work.

2- Is the route a workshop route? If so, this will need to have been set up correctly by the uploader. If you cannot see a workshop route in Quick Drive, please consult the creator of the route.

3- Do you have the necessary content installed? You may have locos designed for a specific route, but please remember that the routes are often sold separately. This is the same for routes- please make sure you have the necessary locos installed also.

4- Have you searched correctly? Sometimes, you will need to wait for the content to load before you make search queries.

5- Are you mistaking the 'no entry' symbol for missing content? If you see that a thumbnail is not present, you will likely still be able to select and use it, it is just that the thumbnail has not loaded.

If, after checking each of these individual steps, you still cannot find the content, please contact us via a support ticket. Remember to Verify your game files and attach a DxDiag to help solve your query faster!