Dovetail Games Euro Fishing can sometimes present Fatal Errors to users. There are a few steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of this issue occurring.

1- Please ensure that your computer has suitable specifications to run the game on. You can find more about what specifications are required or recommended by viewing the game's Steam page.

2-  Verify your game files as per these instructions to ensure the game has been installed correctly.

3- Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date by navigating to the manufacturer's website and downloading any available updates from there. We recommend not relying on your operating system to tell you if they are up to date, as this is not always reliable.

4- Lower your in- game graphics settings. The game might be struggling to render the environment so making changes to the graphics might cause the performance to be better.

5- Try reinstalling the game by right- clicking the game in your Steam library and selecting 'uninstall' and selecting 'install' once the option becomes available. Restarting your computer between these steps can sometimes help.

If you are still having issues, please send us the game crash report and log file which are located in the following folder:
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\FishingGame\Saved\Logs (Replace with your Windows user name)
If you cannot find the crash reports in this location they may be in this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fishing\FishingGame\Saved\Logs

Please attach a DxDiag report with your crash report, instructions on how to do so are included below.
- Select the Start icon on your Windows desktop, then type 'dxdiag' in the search bar.
- Select the program that appears, wait for your computer to gather the information then select 'Save All Information... ' from the bottom of the program window. It would be helpful to rename the file with your full name so we are able to identify it in the future.

It is also useful if you can let us know what game mode and lake you were in at the time - screenshots or details of the game settings (weather, time of day, etc.) are helpful too.