If you have received a download code or discount code, read on to find out how to activate it.

Before you can activate your code, you will need to download and install Steam. Steam is a program which will manage and activate your software. Go to the Steam website here http://store.steampowered.com/about/ and click the green Install Steam Now button. Steam doesn't cost anything and it will not require you to input debit or credit card details to install.

You will need to create a Steam account to activate and safeguard your personal copy of Train Simulator, Train Sim World, Fishing Sim World or Euro Fishing, so think of a username and password to use for your Steam account and keep it safe. Continue with the instructions below to activate your Steam Code: With Steam installed on your PC, you can use the code you have received. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Steam from your PC desktop or Start menu. 
  2. With Steam open, on the bottom-left corner, click on +ADD A GAME.
  3. A small menu will appear. Click on Activate a product on Steam.
  4. A pop-up dialog will appear, Click Next.
  5. The Steam User Agreement will appear. If you are happy with the agreement click I Agree.
  6. Carefully type in your code exactly as it appears. Your code is unique to you and can only be activated once.
  7. Click Next. If you have received a download code, the game will automatically install. If you have received a discount code, the discount is now associated with your account and will be applied when you add the game to your cart on Steam.
  8. Once your game has downloaded, and you have been through the installation process, you will be able to play it. In Steam, click Library, and select All Games from the drop-down menu. Your game will appear in the left-hand list: simply double-click the name, or right-click and select Play Game. Alternatively, if you opted to add a desktop icon during the installation process, you can double-click on the icon to play the game.