By default, Train Sim World 2 has an option called "Auto Load Journeys" enabled. This was designed to allow players to simply select a route to carry on with their journey. However, some players may want to have more control over what they are playing. Therefore, they may want to disable this option to access the route menu options below.

Please follow the instructions below to disable this option.

  1. Select a route to load into a Journey.
  2. Pause the game and select Options using the mouse or the LB/L1 buttons on your controller.
  3. Now select Settings from the Options menu.

  1. Go to the Game tab (Selected by default)
  2. Scroll down to "Auto-load Journeys" 
  3. Use the mouse or directional pad on your controller to change this option to "Off"
  4. Now press Apply

When you return to the main menu, you will now be able to select a route to access more options (Journey Mode, Explore, Resume Savegame, and Tools).