A trophy may not be unlocking when expected for a number of different reasons. The list below can help you establish if there is a known issue or troubleshoot other synchronisation issues.
  • Check the criteria for unlocking the trophy - The criteria for unlocking a trophy can often be very specific and it is worth double-checking the exact requirements by viewing the trophy list of your console.
  • Have other players unlocked the trophy recently? - There are many third-party trophies tracking websites which can give you an idea of how recently other players have unlocked the same trophies.
  • Sign out of the PSN - Sign out of your PSN account, reboot your console and sign back into your account from the main screen.
  • Synchronise your Trophies - Press the OPTIONS button while viewing (Trophies), and then select [Sync with PlayStation Network].
  • Wait for the trophy to unlock - If the PlayStation servers are busy the trophy may not unlock immediately, Try coming back to the game another day, and the trophy may unlock during normal gameplay or at the same time as earning a different trophy.
  • Re-attempt the trophy- Repeat the criteria for the trophy
    • In a new player profile (Create a New Profile from the settings menu)
    • While offline