What do I do if I get a error uploading or downloading content?

You will be required to sign out of Dovetail Live, restart the game and Sign In. 

For more information about Dovetail Live issues, please see the following article.

What is the Creators Club Beta?

The Creators Club Beta is the home of player customisation in Train Sim World 2. In-game tools allow you to develop your own unique liveries and scenarios, bringing your railfan visions to reality. With Creators Club you can upload and share your creations across all platforms – As well as browse liveries and scenarios made by other players from the community. Start creating and play with your favourite locomotives in new and exciting ways.

What do I do if I spot offensive content?

If you see any offensive content on the Creators Club, you may report it in-game by clicking the "Report" button on that content. Offensive content could include, for example, images or descriptions that are racist, abusive, obscene, involve nudity, promote violence, or illegal activity.

What do I do if my content is reported?

If your content is reported, one of two things will happen during the moderation team's evaluation. If approved, the content will be kept on the Creators Club Beta. If it is rejected, the content will be withdrawn, and an icon will be added to the mod to indicate that it has been deleted. This content will still be available for your own personal use.

A full FAQ for the Creators Club can be found here.