In this guide we will learn how to create a custom consist/train, by matching locos with wagons/cars. Creating a custom consist can also be useful if the loco you want to use doesn't have native Quick Drive support.

1. Firstly, we need to open the Drive menu and go to the Quick Drive tab.

2. Then, click on the image of the loco to select a loco.

3. Next, click on the Custom item.

4. Click on Create New... and then Confirm.

5. Now we get to build a consist and the first we can do is select the Type of unit we wish to place from the drop-down     menu. We can also use the Search bar directly below to Type menu to find a specific unit. (Wagon, Diesel, Electric, and     Steam)

6. Select a unit from the list and use the buttons Add to Front, Insert, and Add to Back to choose where to place it.

7. After placing a unit, you may rearrange that unit in the consist by using the <</>> buttons, as well as the Delete and Flip buttons.

8. After you have completed your consist, click on the Next button and enter a Name for the consist and Country Code so it can easily be identified later, then press Save.

9. If your new consist does not appear in the list immediately, select the loco image, then Custom again.

10. Now you are ready to use your custom consist in a quick drive scenario.