Historically, we have provided a yearly update to the base game, which is available at no extra cost to all Train Simulator owners. This update will be applied automatically and only affects the base game and not its content. The update may contain new improvements and features, but it does not include any additional content.

This year (2022) we renamed Train Simulator 2022 to Train Simulator Classic to pay homage to the legacy Train Simulator has forged for over a decade. 

Along with the new name we have changed up the content that comes with the standard edition of the game. With the exception of the new Leipzig - Riesa route extension, the routes that come with Train Simulator Classic are existing routes that have been updated with new improvements. These improvements will automatically be available to anyone who already owns these routes.

However, if you haven't picked up these routes yet, now is a great time to get all three in a bundle, at a significant discount compared to purchasing them separately.

If you wish to purchase Train Simulator Classic and already own Train Simulator you will receive a warning stating that you already own the base game and will not receive a duplicate copy. However, any content included in the bundle you do not own will be added to your account.

Buy Train Simulator Classic now on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/24010/Train_Simulator_Classic/