This article is for anyone has experienced any of the following issues with DLC on the Microsoft Store (PC). The example used in the workaround below is the MP36PH-3C, but this will apply to any available DLC with these problems. However, please note that this is a temporary workaround while we prepare a long term solution.
  • Locomotive missing in Timetable Mode.
  • Journey Mode missing.
  • Scenario Planner button greyed out.

Workaround for DLC issues on the Microsoft Store:
  1. Locate the installation folder of all DLCs. By default, they will be found in C:\XboxGames
  1. Open each DLC and navigate to \XboxGames\*DLC NAME*\Content\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC
  2. Copy the “.pak” file in this folder.
  1. Open the Xbox App and Right Click on Train Sim World 2 on left hand side panel.
  1. Go to Manage > Files > Browse
  1. Navigate to \XboxGames\Train Sim World® 2\Content\TS2Prototype\Content\Paks
  2. Paste the “.pak” file into this folder.
  1. Repeat for all installed DLC.