This guide has been designed to help players operate locomotives on the Schnellfahrstrecke: Kassel - Würzburg route.

To complement this guide, please refer to the relevant manual.

Common Issues

How do I recover from an emergency stop in the ICE 1 BR 401?

  1. Wait until the train has come to a complete stop.
  2. Reset the Reverser, Throttle and brake to their default positions. (Neutral, Off, Released)
  3. Press and hold the 'HLL Fill' button (on the right-hand side near the brake gauge), until the brake pipe is back up to 5 bars.
  4. Then reapply the throttle to get moving.

Why can't I apply power in the ICE 3 BR 403?

If you apply the train brake while the throttle is applied, you will create an Interlock (the red box around the power meter on the HUD). Release the brake and reset the throttle to the Off position, before applying power again. Good practice would be to move the throttle to the Off position before using the brake.

How do I enable the passenger lights in the ICE 3 BR 403?

Passenger saloon lighting can be turned on by using the Left-Hand Display in the driving cab as follows:
  1. From the main screen, press button 5 labelled 'Beleuchtung'.
  2. Press button 5, labelled 'Beleucht 1'.
To turn off the lights, follow these steps:
  1. From the main screen, press button 5.
  2. Press button 1, labelled 'Beleucht 0'.

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