What is CATAN – Console Edition?

CATAN – Console Edition is the official video game of CATAN on console and has the following features:

  • Highly detailed board with 3D tiles, NPCs that walk around, and animals on the fields.
  • Online multiplayer, including matchmaking, private games and cross play across PlayStation and Xbox platforms.
  • Local play. You’ll be able to connect your phone to the game to track your resources, so you can play locally and hide your cards from your friends.
  • Solo mode, where you can play against smart and dynamic AI that each have their own play style and goals.
  • The game will also have challenges for you to unlock cosmetic rewards in game. 

What edition/version of CATAN is this?

This is the base game version, where up to 4 people can play.

What platforms is CATAN - Console Edition available on?

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S|X
  • Nintendo Switch

When will CATAN – Console Edition be released?

CATAN – Console Edition: Standard & Deluxe is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. 

Who is developing the game?

The game is being developed by Nomad Games in collaboration with Dovetail Games.

Does CATAN – Console Edition have microtransactions?

No, the game does not contain microtransactions.

What is included with CATAN – Console Edition Deluxe?

CATAN – Console Edition: Deluxe includes everything included with the Standard edition of the game PLUS a custom Dice Skin and Hex Frame, five CATAN World Championship board layouts taken from five previous CATAN World Championship events (playable in both single and multiplayer modes).

What is included with CATAN - Console Edition Super Deluxe?

The Super Deluxe edition includes everything in Deluxe, plus the first expansion, "The Helpers".

What is included with CATAN: Complete Colllection?

  • CATAN: Console Edition Base Game
  • Championship Maps
  • The Helpers Expansion
  • Cities & Knights Expansion

What is the CATAN - Console Edition: Season Pass?

The Season Pass will give you access to 2 expansions and 3 seasonal content packs when they release. For more details, please see our Post Release content section. For more information, please see CATAN® – Console Edition Season Pass.


How much does CATAN - Console Edition cost?




CATAN - Console Edition



CATAN – Console Edition Deluxe



CATAN- Console Edition Super Deluxe£24.99/$29.99/€29.99£24.99/$29.99/€29.99
CATAN: Complete Collection£32.99/$39.99/39.99£32.99/$39.99/39.99

Where can I purchase CATAN – Console Edition?

CATAN - Console Edition & Deluxe is available now on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Store. 

Post Release

Will there be a physical release of CATAN: Console Edition?

Yes, CATAN: Console Edition is now available as a physical release in the UK & Europe on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. CATAN: Console Edition will be launching physically in North America for PS5 and Nintendo Switch on March 5th 2024. There will be no physical release on Xbox platforms.

Will there be downloadable content and updates after release?

A roadmap will be published on the CATAN – Console Edition website, detailing our plans for future content.

What post-release content is planned?

The following content will be available to purchase individually or as included in the Season Pass.

  • The Helpers Expansion - Out Now
  • Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack - Out Now
  • Ice & Snow Winter Content Pack - Out Now
  • Bloom & Grow Spring Content Pack - Out Now 
  • Cities & Knights Expansion - Out Now 


How can I learn how to play the game?

The best place to start is the built-in video introductions. You can access them by going to Play > Local Game > Learn to Play. Next, there is a set of interactive tutorials in the same location. Lastly, there is the Almanac, allowing you to review the game rules at your own pace. For when you are not playing, we have prepared the following support articles to help you familiarise yourself with the game.

What is Quick Play?

Go to Play > Local > Quick Play. Get straight into the action with a single player game. Your starting Settlements and Roads are placed for you, and the game always takes place on the default board layout.

How do I manually place the starting settlements and roads?

Enable the "Variable Setup" option under Play > Local Game > Configure Game.

How do I configure a custom local game?

  1. Go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  2. Select which Set your want to play with (e.g. Base Rules + The Helpers or Cities & Knights).
  3. Enable/Disable Set specific game rules and choose how many players will be in the game.
  4. On the next screen you will define the players as Human or AI, select a Character and other cosemetic options.
  5. Lastly, you can review your game set up and enable Second Screen functionality, if you want to play with you cards visible on your mobile device.

What does the “Variable Setup” option do?

The variable setup option will randomise the board layout.

What does the “Combine Build and Trade Phase” option do?

By default, this option will be enabled, combining the building and trading phase of each turn into one. Therefore, the player will only be asked once to end their turn. When disabling this option, each player’s turn will be split into a trading phase, followed by a building phase. The player is required to confirm when they are done with each phase.

What is Second Screen? 

Second screen will enable you to privately view your development cards & resources from your mobile device. This is ideal for local multiplayer, where you don’t want to let everyone see your hand. (Your console and mobile device must have a stable internet connection to use this feature.)

How do I enable the second screen?

To enable Second Screen functionality you will need to enable the option and scan the QR code with your mobile device. You can do this when you setup a custom game or from the pause menu. This will allow you to privately view your development cards & resources on your mobile device.

To keep the second screen updated, you will need to keep your phone screen on. If you phone screen turns off, you may need to refresh the web page. If you accidently close the second screen or forget to scan the QR code, you scan the QR code again from the pause menu.

How do I resume a game in progress?

If you return to the main menu or quit the game, you can come back later and continue that game by selecting Play > Local Game > Quick Play, then choosing to resume a saved game when prompted.

How do I disable the top-down camera?

Go to Pause > General.  Then toggle the “disable top-down selection camera” option.

How do i adjust the game brightness?

Go to Pause > Graphics Settings. Select the Lighting slider and adjust to your preference.

How do I disable trading offers?

Click in the right analogue stick to disable incoming trading offers. However, you will miss out on the chance to make counter offers. Yet, you will still be able to trade with other players on your turn.

Dovetail Live

How do I unlock new in-game items?

By completing Mastery Challenges in CATAN -  Console Edition, you can unlock new characters, frames and dice. The video below will explain how.

What are Mastery Challenges?

By signing up for a Dovetail Live account, you can complete challenges (e.g. "Play a game in public multiplayer") which will unlock an in-game reward such as a new character (e.g. "Harbour Master").

How do I sign up for a Dovetail Live account?

You can sign up for a Dovetail Live account by going to Profile > Register. Please note that you must be over 16 years old to register for an account. Therefore, this cannot be done with a "child" account. You will also need to have an active Xbox Live/PlayStation Plus/Nintendo Online subscription to access Dovetail Live.

Please remember to verify your account by checking your emails within 12 hours of signing up.

How do I log into Dovetail Live to complete Mastery Challenges?

  1. Open CATAN
  2. Go to Profile > Sign In
  3. Enter your full email address and password (Do not leave any blank spaces)
  4. When you have sucessfully signed in you can choose to check on your Mastery Progress or read the latest News & Articles.


How many players can join a game?

Three to Six players can join a local or online game. 

Online Multiplayer

Is a subscription required to play multiplayer online?

A PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass or Nintendo Online subscription will be required to play online.

Does CATAN – Console Edition have Cross Play?

Yes, you can play online with players across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation and Nintendo Switch will require you to manually enable Cross Play. To do this go to Settings > General and check Enable Cross Play.

Does online multiplayer have skill-based matchmaking?

Our online multiplayer system will have a ranking system, so you will be matched with players of a similar skill level. 

Can I join an online game with local guests?

No, only one player per console can join an online game.

How do I play a public online game?

Go to Play > Online Multiplayer > Join Public Queue

How do I create a private game my friends can join?

  1. Go to Play > Online Multiplayer > Join/Create Private Game.
  2. Share the room name with your friends to let them join.

How do I join my friends’ game?

  1. Go to Play > Online Multiplayer > Join/Create Private Game.
  2. Enter the room name your friend provided you with.

Local Multiplayer

How do I play local multiplayer? (Single Controller)

  1. Turn on your console and open CATAN with one controller connected.
  2. Go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  3. Select each character and change the name to a numbered variant of your Gamertag. (For Example: Test_User, Test_User (1), Test_User (2) etc...)
  4. Press Next, and set up the game options.
  5. Start the game and pass the controller when it is another player's turn.

How do I play local multiplayer? (Multiple Controllers)

  1. Open CATAN with one controller connected.
  2. Turn on any other controllers you wish to use.
  3. Press the LT/L2 on the controller you wish to add.
  4. Then add the player as a Guest or sign them into their account.
  5. Go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  6. Select each character and change the first item to the corresponding account name associated with each controller. (Guests will appear as User, User(1), User(2) etc...)
  7. Now, you can start the game and each player will take their turn using their own controller.

How do I set up multiple controllers on Nintendo Switch?

Firstly, it is important to note that each player requires a pair of joy cons or a pro controller to play. A single joycon does not have enough buttons on it to be used alone. 

  1. Go to the Nintendo Switch home screen.
  2. Select the Controllers icon from the menu.
  3. Then, select Change Grip/Order.
  4. Turn on all the controller you want to use and press the L+Rbuttons on each controller to connect them.
  5. When you are ready press the A button to confirm.
  6. Return to CATAN and go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  7. Select each character and change the first item to define which controller is used for that player. Each additional player will be named "Player 2, Player 3, or Player 4 etc...".

How do I play 5-6 player mode?

  1. Open CATAN
  2. Go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  3. Under the Base Set adjust the Player Counter from a minimum of 3 players, to a maximum of 6 players.

5-6 Player mode is only available in docked mode for Nintendo Switch. Additionally, your TV Output resolution will need to be set to 720p or higher.

How do I play the Helpers Expansion?

  1. Open CATAN.
  2. Go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  3. Select The Helpers from the list on the left and check Enable on the right.
  4. Optionally, you may enable the All 12 Helpers Variant.

To learn more about how to play The Helpers expansion, please visit CATAN®- Console Edition Game Rules & Manual and CATAN® - Console Edition Video Guides.

How do I play the Cities & Knights Expansion?

  1. Open CATAN.
  2. Go to Play > Local Game > Configure Game.
  3. Select Cities & Knights from the list on the left and check Enable on the right.
  4. Optionally, you may select a Variant (Easy Start, Nasty or Knight Errant).

To learn more about how to play the Cities and Knights expansion, please visit CATAN®- Console Edition Game Rules & Manual and CATAN® - Console Edition Video Guides.

How do I earn achievements as a secondary local player?

On the main menu, press the LT/L2 button on the controller you wish to add and sign in other players with their own account. Please note that additional players are not required to sign in, but they won’t be able to earn achievements on their own account unless they are.