We are aware that PlayStation 5 owners who have a lot of add-ons installed for Train Sim World 3 have not been able to access all of them in-game.

Why is this happening?
With the introduction of the PlayStation 5, Sony have put in place a limit on the total amount of add-ons that can be accessible at any one time, measured in GB (Gigabytes). If you have over 64 GB of Add-ons installed, some will not appear in-game. If you were to install every add-on released for Train Sim World 3, this would total over 90 GB, therefore breaching the 64 GB limit.

Who does this affect?
Sony's add-on limit can affect any game on PlayStation 5. However, no other platform has this limitation enforced. 

How do other PS5 games solve this problem?
Other PlayStation 5 games have avoided this problem by inflating the size of the base game, which Sony's has not imposed any limits on. This means that every player will need to download the base game+add-ons, even if they don't own them. In this case, purchasing an add-on simply unlocks that part of the base game and in worse case scenarios, some games have a minimum install size of over 200 GB.

What is our long term solution?
We do not believe that inflating the minimum install size of the base game is a fair solution for players, some of which may have slower internet connections or monthly download limits. Therefore, the development team have created the "Add-ons Manager". The Add-ons Manager changes the way add-ons are loaded into memory by loading only what you need, to play the add-on you have selected. This way all your add-ons will be visible in-game and the Sony's 64 GB add-on limit will never be breached.

When will the solution be ready?
The Add-ons Manager has already been released for Train Sim World 2 and is working well. However, further testing and improvements are required before it can be deployed for Train Sim World 3. When we have more news on the Add-ons Manager, it will be communicated to players via our normal community channels (e.g. Dovetail Live)

The Workaround
Please use the support article How to Manage Your Games & Add-ons on PlayStation 5 to establish how much storage space your add-ons take up and uninstall any add-ons you are not currently playing to bring your total add-on storage space below 64 GB. 
  • Use Settings > Storage to establish how much space your add-ons are taking up.
  • If it is over (or approaching) 64 GB, consider uninstalling Add-ons which you currently don’t play. They can be redownloaded at any time.
  • When new content is available, check the download size to make sure your total does not exceed 64 GB, and download it as you would normally.
We appreciate this is far from ideal, but we hope that this will allow you to enjoy any add-ons again.