What is TramSim: Console Edition?

TramSim: Console Edition is a modern urban transport simulator developed by ViewApp and published by Dovetail Games. 

Urban Transport comes to life in TramSim: Console Edition! Experience pure photorealism in two iconic European cities, no matter where you are in the world, and drive realistic trams on a variety of lines. Run to the timetable and face unique challenges, there is gameplay for every taste!

What content does the standard version of TramSim: Console Edition include?

The standard version of TramSim: Console Edition includes two iconic European cities to explore by tram and 3 types of tram. Discover the heart of gorgeous Vienna, Austria, across 2 lines, full of greenery and classic buildings aboard the modern Flexity and retro Type E2 trams, and transport passengers with the unique R2.2b tram through Munich, Germany, rich with historic structures spread throughout 3 lines.

What Trams are available to drive?

  • Flexity
  • E2 + c5
  • ULF type A (Deluxe Only)
  • ULF type A1 (Deluxe Only)
  • ULF type B (Deluxe Only)
  • ULF type B1 (Deluxe Only)
  • R2.2b

What additional content does TramSim: Console Edition - Deluxe include?

In additional to what was included with the standard version, the Deluxe version also includes the ULF Type Tram and the highly detailed Vienna Depot.

What consoles is TramSim: Console Edition available on?

TramSim: Console Edition will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X. 

It will not be available on Xbox One.

Where can I purchase TramSim: Console Edition?

PlayStation Store

Microsoft Store

Will TramSim: Console Edition be coming to Xbox Game Pass?

No, TramSim: Console Edition will not be available on Xbox Game Pass, but it will be available to purchase on Xbox Series X.

How much does TramSim: Console Edition cost?

TramSim: Console Edition£32.99/$39.99£32.99/$39.99 
TramSim: Console Edition - Deluxe£39.99/$49.99£44.99/$49.99

Will there be a physical release of TramSim: Console Edition?

Yes, TramSim: Console Edition is now available on PS4 and PS5 in Europe. In North America it will be available on PS5 on 12th March 2024.


Where can I find support for TramSim Console Edition?

Support for TramSim: Console Edition is provided by ViewApp via their Discord channel. You can join the ViewApp community by clicking here:



Where do I start?

If you are new to the game, it would be recommended to start by playing all the available tutorials. You can access four tutorials from the main menu. Furthermore, you can access useful gameplay information at any time, by pausing the game and going to Tutorial > General Help.

How do I adjust the field of view in the cockpit?

Go to Settings > Graphic and adjust the "Field of View Cockpit" slider to change how much of the cab you can see at one time.

How do I access the Deluxe content?

The deluxe content will appear as an add-on in your game library. Therefore, you will need to install both the base game and the Deluxe Content add-on to access everything you have purchased.

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