This guide has been designed to help players get the most out of the Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate - Chinley & Buxton Route Add-On. Below you will find information about the content available for this route, including links to community videos. Each of our video links demonstrate what a successful run may look like and can be used to help players having difficulty with a particular scenario.


  • LMS Fowler 4F
  • LMS Jubilee
  • LMS Stainer 8F


  • Peak Forest Route Introduction
  • Hill Start Introduction
  • Semaphore Signalling Introduction
  • LMS Fowler Class 4F Introduction (Training Center)

Rail Journeys

  • Jubilant
  • Steaming Ahead
  • People Carrier
  • Heavy Freight Champion
  • Freighter
  • Duckies in a Row
  • School of Hard Rocks
  • Share the Load
  • The Big Freeze
  • Melting Point


  • Chinley Gala
  • All Mixed Up
  • Peak Shunting
  • Breaking the Bank
  • Deep Freeze
  • Royal Appointment


  • PFR: Peak Performance (Complete all the training modules on Peak Forest Railway)
  • PFR: Exceedingly Good (Complete all the route tasks on Peak Forest Railway)
  • PFR: Snow (Complete the 'Deep Freeze' scenario)

Cab Layout

LMS Fowler 4F (Peak Valley)

1 - Combination Brake7 - Sander
2 - Large Ejector
8 - Blower
3 - Reverser9 - Firebox Door
4 - Small Ejector10 - Front Damper
5 - Regulator
6 - Cylinder Cocks

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate the steam locomotives on this route?

Video Guides

Steam Locomotive Driving Tutorial

How to drive the double-headed Jubilee 

How to Drive a Banker with the Fowler 

Driving with one of the revised Steam physics (9th May 2023):

Loading Limestone at Tunstead Quarry:

Compatible Add-ons

Compatible add-ons can expand the amount of content available on a route in various ways, such as liveries, scenarios, training modules and timetable layers. 

Timetable Layers will allow you to drive locomotives from other routes/add-ons in timetable mode. They may require you to own the complete set of compatible add-ons before layers are activated. The exception being where an add-on states it has timetable support for this route in the product description. Timetable layers are applicable to 9th Gen Consoles & PC Only.

There are no compatible add-ons or service layers for this route, at this time.