The European Loco & Asset Pack is aimed at users creating and using independently developed content. If you install a route created by an external (third party) developer, they may specify that you require this asset pack in order to use their product. This pack provides all the older content assets used by Dovetail Games to create the Great Western Main Line, East Coast Main Line, Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway and Ruhr-Sieg add-ons as well as the Hedborough North and Seeburgbahn routes previously included with Train Simulator 2012 (PLEASE NOTE: these routes are not included themselves just the assets required to use them, routes are available to purchase separately or to download via steam workshop).

Examples of the assets included in this pack are:

  • HST, Class 55 Deltic, Class 37, Class 47 and Class 166 locomotives
  • DB Class 101, Class 143, Class 151, Class 294, Class V200 and BR52 locomotives
  • Black 5 and 7F steam locomotives
  • Assorted passenger and freight wagons
  • Railway track, fences and roads
  • Railway signals, bridges and tunnels
  • Trees and foliage
  • Industrial and commercial buildings, houses and railway buildings
  • People, animals and vehicles
  • European ground textures
  • Sound effect domes

PLEASE NOTE: this pack does not include any ready-to-drive routes but all locomotives included are Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the locomotives on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam.

If you have RailWorks or Train Simulator 2012, you already have the contents of this pack. If you believe you require the European Community Asset Pack, please note that it is included free of charge with the following add-ons:

  • Glasgow Airport Rail Link
  • West Coast Mainline North
  • Ohio Steel 2
  • Woodhead Line
  • Cologne-Dusseldorf
  • Doncaster Works
  • Falmouth Branch
  • Class 111 Pack
  • Portland Terminal
  • Edinburgh - Glasgow
  • Portsmouth Direct Line
  • Bristol to Exeter
  • Great Western Main Line
  • Hatchet Hill Quarry
  • Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway
  • East Coast Main Line
  • Ruhr-Sieg
  • Rascal and Cottonwood
  • Colton and Northern
  • Fort Kent to Eagle Lake
  • Canadian Mountain Passes: Revelstoke-Lake Louise