If you are having trouble using an add-on after downloading and restarting your console, then the following options may help you.

How to restore game licences

Game licences authorise you to play your purchased content on the console you are signed into with your PSN account.

  1. From the Home screen, open the main Settings menu.
  2. Choose Users and Accounts.
  3. Select Other.
  4. Select Restore Licences.
  5. Once complete, try downloading your Add-ons again.

How to enable PS5 console sharing

PS5 Console Sharing and Offline Play is automatically enabled on the PS5 console you use to sign in to  PlayStation™ Network for the first time.

  1. Go to Settings, Users and Accounts, Other, Console Sharing and Offline Play.  
  2. Select Enable.

Your add-ons may exceed the 64 GB storage space limit

Sony have introduced a limit on the total storage space add-ons can consume for any one game. That means that if you currently own over 64GB of Add-ons, some will not appear in your library. Currently the complete collection of add-ons for Train Sim World 2 exceeds 90 GB, which will explain why some players are seeing various amounts and types of add-ons missing.


  • Use the instructions "How to Install/Delete Add-ons on PlayStation 5" to check how much storage space your add-ons are using.
  • If your total consumed storage space is over 64 GB use the same instructions to remove add-ons you currently do not play to lower your total consumed storage space to below 64 GB.
  • When new content is available, check the download size to make sure your total does not exceed 64GB, and download it as you would normally

We are developing two plans to help resolve this issue in the short term and the long term. 

  • Plan A (Short Term) - The core game download will be expanded to reduce the total storage space used by add-ons
  • Plan B (Long Term) - A more comprehensive and user friendly in-game solution.