Quick Start Guide:

Get Moving

  1. Move the Reverser to 75%. Move back to 50% once you are moving.
  2. Release the Combination Brake.
  3. Leave the Small Ejector Open while running. The Large Ejector can quickly increase the vacuum brakes to a maximum of 21, after coupling or heavy braking, then closed.
  4. Open the Cylinder Cocks.
  5. Fully Open the Front & Rear Dampers.
  6. Open the Regulator to 25% to get moving. (less if it's raining, or you are starting on a gradient)

Keep Moving

  1. Close the Cylinder Cocks.
  2. Open the Regulator more to increase speed.
  3. Move the Reverser back to 50% to save energy.

Driving at Speed and Saving Energy

  1. Fully Open the Regulator.
  2. Reduce the Reverser to 50% or less to save energy.
  3. When you have reached your desired speed, Close the Regulator to let the boiler pressure recover.
  4. When the Regulator is Closed, Fully Open the Blower to increase the rate at which boiler pressure is recovered.


  1. Move the Regulator to Closed to prepare for braking.
  2. Use the Combination Brake to bring the train to a stop.
  3. Open the Cylinder Cocks once you have come to a complete stop.

Cab Layout:

These visual guides will help you find the controls mentioned in this article.

LMS Stanier 8F

1 - Blower7 - Large Ejector
2 - Firebox Door8 - Small Ejector
3 - Reverser9 - Rear Damper
4 - Regulator10 - Front Damper
5 - Sander11 - Cylinder Cocks
6 - Combination Brake

LMS Jubilee

1 - Blower7 - Large Ejector
2- Firebox Door8 - Small Ejector
3 - Reverser9 - Rear Damper
4 - Regulator10 - Front Damper
5 - Sander11 - Cylinder Cocks
6 - Combination Brake

Common Issues:

How do I get moving on a steep hill?

  1. Come to a complete stop using the Combination Brake if you are rolling backwards.
  2. Set the Reverser to around 20-30% Forward.
  3. Open the Regulator to around 10-15%.
  4. Apply the Sander to the Front/Rear.
  5. Release the Combination Brake.
  6. Watch the wheels for slow movement
  7. You will start to crawl up the gradient and your speed may gradually increase. However, you will not be able to apply more power until you have cleared the gradient.

Why am I slowing down?

  • If you don't Close the Regulator to coast, the boiler pressure will continually drop. This will eventually lead to loss in power.
  • Make sure the Front/Rear Dampers are Fully Open to allow boiler pressure to recover when the Regulator is Closed.
  • Fully Open the Blower when the Regulator is Closed to increase the rate at which boiler pressure is recovered.
  • Close the Cylinder Cocks when moving and Open them when stopped.

What do I do when the wheels slip?

  1. Close the Regulator.
  2. Then, gently reapply the Regulator.
  3. Apply the Sander to the Front/Rear if you are unable to retain grip.

How do I move slowly in a controlled manner?

  1. Open the Cylinder Cocks to reduce boiler pressure.
  2. Use short bursts of steam by Quickly Opening and Closing the Regulator.

When do I need to brake, I keep running red signals?

  • Start thinking about your approach to a stop 1-2miles away if you are travelling over 50mph.
  • Cut down your speed by 10-20mph chunks at a time by applying the Combination Brake briefly, then releasing it. This will allow you to more accurately judge your stopping distance than trying to reduce your speed all at once.
  • Think about how the environment will affect your braking distance. Braking distance will be increased in the rain and when on a downhill gradient. 
  • Use the Overview tab on the Pause menu to see upcoming changes in the gradient.

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