What is the Creators Club?

The Creators Club is the home of player customisation in Train Sim World. In-game tools allow you to develop your own unique liveries and scenarios, bringing your railfan visions to reality. With Creators Club you can upload and share your creations across all platforms – As well as browse liveries and scenarios made by other players from the community. Start creating and play with your favourite locomotives in new and exciting ways.

What platforms is the Creators Club available on?

For the first time ever, the Creators Club will be available on all platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Steam and Epic. You can also share your creations with other players across platforms. For example, a PlayStation user might subscribe to a PC player's mod.

Is the Creators Club free?

The Creators Club is a free feature update for all owners of Train Sim World.

What do I need to join the Club?

You will need the latest version of Train Sim World with the latest update that adds the Creators Club A Dovetail Live account is also required to access and use the Creators Club.

How do you make content for the Creators Club?

The existing in-game customisation tools (Livery Designer and Scenario Planner) are used to create new content for the Creators Club. Details on both are below.

What is the Livery Designer?

An in-game tool that allows you to customise your Train Sim World locos and create your own liveries. Available on all platforms. It's simple to use, and it uses a combination of shapes and layers to let you create both simple and complicated designs for your Train Sim World liveries. See the Brands section of this FAQ for more on what restrictions there are.

What is the Scenario Planner?

An in-game tool that works across all platforms and allows you to construct your own scenario. Customize your locos and destinations, then climb into the cab.

Are there any updates to the Livery Designer / Scenario Planner?

Existing customisation tools will not be updated in the near future. This will be re-evaluated on a regular basis and any planned updates will be added to the Train Sim World Roadmap.

Can I use existing Livery Designer / Scenario Planner creations made?

Yes, from the moment the Creators Club is launched, liveries and scenarios you've already created will be compatible and shareable. All you need is a set of Railfan Shots for each ready to share.

How do you share livery designs?

Using the in-game Livery Designer, create a livery as usual. Once you've finished designing your livery, go for a journey on your favourite route and capture some Railfan Shots. When it comes to sharing your livery, you'll need these. Once you have them, go to the Creators Club from the main menu to start sharing, as well as the Railfan Shots, where you're being asked to name and describe your livery.

How do you share scenarios?

Using the in-game Scenario Planner, create a scenario as usual. Once you have this, test your scenario by driving it and taking Railfan Shots along the way. When you're sharing the scenario, you'll need them. To begin sharing, go to the Creators Club from the main menu when you're ready. You'll be asked to name your scenario and provide a brief description in addition to the Railfan Shots.

What are tags?

When you add your livery or scenario to the Creators Club, you'll see a list of tags you may use to help others locate it. "Passenger," "Diesel," "Germany," and so on are examples. Tags can be assigned to your content as needed. To avoid duplication and make searches simple, player-created tags cannot be added at this time. We'll keep reviewing the tagging system to make sure it's still meeting the needs of players.

Is sharing optional?

Yes, you can continue to use the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner as usual, and there is no need to share your work with the Creators Club. You have complete control over the content you share.

Where can I see what I have shared?

In Train Sim World, go to the Creators Club and select "My Mods." This displays all the content you've shared with other Creators Club members. You can also delete any mods you don't wish to share in this section.

Where can I see what I have subscribed to?

Select "Subscriptions" from the Creators Club in Train Sim World. You may view and manage all the liveries and scenarios created by other players to which you have subscribed in this section. If you no longer want to use that content, you can unsubscribe.

Can I amend shared mods?

Yes, you can make changes to or update any of your mods at any time. To modify a livery layer or add a new service to a scenario, for example. Your mod will be immediately updated for other players the next time they go online.

How many mods can I share?

Only your hard drive space limits the number of mods you can share across both liveries and scenarios.

Are there any restrictions on what I can share?

You are not permitted to upload any mods that infringe any copyright under the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy for the Creators Club. Some rail operators have consented to allow their brands to be used in the Creators Club Beta – For more information on these, see the "Brands" section of this FAQ.

What does “subscribing” mean in the Creators Club?

You can "subscribe" to a livery or scenario on the Creators Club when you find one you like. Once you've subscribed, this will be instantly downloaded for you to use locally when playing Train Sim World. In the Subscriptions section, you can manage and unsubscribe from mods at any time.

How do I find content to subscribe to?

When you visit the Creators Club hub you will be able to see Featured, Popular and Recent mods (see below for categories overview). You can browse these categories or use the search function to find a mod you want by name. In addition to the in-game Creators Club Beta, you can browse mods in a similar way on Dovetail Live.

What are the categories mods are shown in?

There are three categories you can browse when initially visiting the Creators Club in Train Sim World:

  • Featured: These are mods selected by Dovetail Games staff.
  • Popular: Browse the most popular mods in the community, based on subscription count.
  • Recent: These mods are those most recently added by players to the club.

Can I subscribe to a mod where I don't own the content?

If you don't own the Add-On required for a mod you will see a notice on the mod page that shows "Required Content”. Selecting this will take you to the store to show the content required. You can still subscribe to any mod in preparation for when you do own the associated Add-On.

What if I subscribe to a scenario with liveries featured I don't have?

If you subscribe to a scenario that uses custom liveries, these are not required to play that scenario. Default liveries will be used in their place.

Can I amend content I’ve subscribed to?

No, any mods you have subscribed to cannot be modified. For example, you cannot edit the livery made by another player.

How many mods can I subscribe to?

The number of mods you can subscribe to, across both liveries and scenarios, is only limited by your available storage space. Each mod requires a small amount of space.

Can I follow individual creators?

You can't favourite or follow a profile. However, if you find a creator you like, you can visit their profile at any time via your Subscriptions in the Creators Club Simply select one of their mods and then select their profile name to see what else they have made.

What is Dovetail Live?

Dovetail Live allows you to keep track of your progress and share it with other players. Check your progress and numbers in the Driver Logbook, or compare your performance with friends. Railfan Shots can be taken in-game to record and share your favourite moments. You may also show off your Livery Designer and Scenario Planner works to the public by joining the new Creators Club.

Is Dovetail Live required for Creators Club?

Yes, you need a Dovetail Live account to be able to access the Creators Club, both in-game and on the Train Sim World website.

Do I need to be logged in to Dovetail Live?

Yes, you need to be logged in to use the Creators Club. If you have logged out or disabled Dovetail Live you can log in again using the settings in game.

How does Creators Club work with Dovetail Live?

Once you have a Dovetail Live account you can log in when you play Train Sim World. Whilst logged in you can access the Creators Club, share and subscribe to mods. If you are logged out for any reason, you simply need to log back in again to access your mods. All progress, including subscriptions / my mods will be tied to your account.

Which rail operator brands can I use in mods shared on Creators Club?

Several operators have granted permission to create and distribute mods that use the logos or brands that they own in the Creators Club. However, these must not be altered in any way. The list below will be updated as new approvals are obtained. You can use them in your game livery mod. We hope to expand on the logos in the Livery Designer in the future to help with your creations.

  • Allegra
  • Alpine Classic Pullman Express
  • Aqualino
  • Arosabahn
  • BNSF
  • BNSF Railway
  • Building America
  • Burlington Northern
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
  • Chicago and North Western
  • Colorado and Southern
  • Cotton Belt
  • DB
  • Denver and Rio Grande Western
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Die Kleine Rote
  • Duchess of Hamilton
  • Engadin Star
  • Flying Scotsman
  • Frisco
  • Gatwick Express
  • Gourmino
  • Graubunden
  • Great Northern
  • Great Northern Railway Company
  • GWR
  • Heidi Express
  • ICE
  • Mallard
  • MBTA
  • MDV
  • Missouri Pacific
  • Missouri-Kansas-Texas
  • Network West Midlands
  • NetworkSouthEast
  • NJ Transit
  • Northern Pacific Railway
  • Pacific Fruit Express
  • Powerful Future
  • Proud Heritage
  • Railpool
  • Railrider
  • Rhatische Bahn
  • RhB
  • Rio Grande
  • S-Bahn
  • Santa Fe
  • Southern
  • Southern Pacific
  • Spokane Portland and Seattle Railway
  • St Louis Southwestern
  • Starckes Stuck
  • Stiva Retica
  • Suwex
  • Texas and Pacific
  • Thameslink
  • The Burlington Route
  • The Denver Road
  • The Katy
  • Union Pacific
  • VVO
  • West Midlands Railway
  • Western Pacific

What about using other real-world brands?

The use of any other real-world brands/trademarks is not allowed. With the exception of the above all liveries created and shared in the Creators Club must be fictional and original work.

Are there any loco models that cannot be uploaded?

Yes, some locomotives are restricted from use with the Creators Club. These currently include the below list. These can be used in the Livery Designer and used locally as you would previously, but not shared.

  • ICE 3
  • ICE 3M
  • G6
  • RABe 523

What do I do if I spot offensive content?

If you see any offensive content on the Creators Club, you may report it in-game by clicking the "Report" button on that content. Offensive content could include, for example, images or descriptions that are racist, abusive, obscene, involve nudity, promote violence, or illegal activity.

What happens when a piece of content is reported?

As soon as a mod is reported, it will be added to a queue for review with a moderation team at Dovetail Games. All flagged content will be reviewed and appropriate action taken.

What happens when a piece of content is removed?

If a mod is removed from the Creators Club because it violates Creators Club terms or is deemed to be offensive, it will be removed. The mod will also be removed from any players that have subscribed to it. The original will be kept by the creator for personal use. Repeated attempts to upload liveries that breach the terms and conditions of the Creators Club Beta may result in your expulsion from using the tool, temporarily or permanently.

What do I do if my content is reported?

If your content is reported, one of two things will happen during the moderation team's evaluation. If approved, the content will be kept on the Creators Club. If it is rejected, the content will be withdrawn, and an icon will be added to the mod to indicate that it has been deleted. This content will still be available for your own personal use.