Whether you are new to Train Sim World 3 or the series as a whole, this guide will help you get the most out of the opening hours of the game.

Train Sim World 3 - What You Need To Know

An article has been created to which outlines everything you need to know about Train Sim World 3's launch, early access, and how legacy add-ons and updates will be rolled out.



Throughout your experience with Train Sim World 3 you may find it useful to refer back to the manual linked below.

Dovetail Live

After the opening screens of Train Sim World 3 you will be presented with the option to Register for a Dovetail Live Account, Sign into your Account, or Skip the process entirely. 

Reasons why you may want to use Dovetail Live included access to Mastery Rewards, Railfan Shots, Creators Club, and Community Challenges. However, this is completely optional is you wish to skip to the next step.

When you register for a new Dovetail Live account, please check your email client for the verification email. If the verification link has expired, please contact Dovetail Support.

Creating a Profile

Next, you will be given a choice of characters (This will be your in-game avatar) to select and asked to give your profile a name.

Privacy Policy

On this page, you will be required to confirm that you have read and understood the privacy policies and have the option to enable real-world advertisements in-game. You can read the privacy polices by clicking on the links below the description.

How Would You Like To Start?

Then, you will be given the option to start off with basic training or go straight to the main menu. If you are new to the game, it would be recommended to start with the training.

If you chose to start with training, you will be taken to the Navigation & Interaction training module. Once you have completed this module, you can choose to carry on with your training or return to the main menu.

The Main Menu

On the main menu, you can navigate through the pages on the top menu by clicking on them or using the shoulder buttons on your controller (L1/R2 or LB/RB).

To The Trains

From here, you can access

  • Trains/Routes - Pick a train or route, then jump into one of the game modes below.
    • Timetable (Choose a Route to Explore on Foot)
    • Scenarios
    • Training Modules
  • Rail Journeys - Select a route to be taken on a guided experience on the content available.
  • Quick Play - Jump straight into something you have yet to play in short or long form.

Training Center

  • Fundamentals - Carry on with your basic training.
  • Training - Come here to learn more about locomotive operation, signalling and route introductions.
  • Explore On Foot - Take a walk around the Training Center and see what you can find.
  • Video Tutorials - This will open our YouTube channel in a web browser, where we have playlists full of useful videos.

Creators Club

  • Online Sharing Hub - Come here to share and download liveries and scenarios from the community.
  • Livery Designer - Create custom designs for a range of rolling stock.
  • Scenario Planner - Create a scenario using a combination of any train with, any route in "Off the Rails" mode.


The store will allow you to browse through the many add-ons available for Train Sim World 3. If you see something you like, click on Buy Now to be taken to your platforms Store Front (e.g. Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store) to complete your purchase.

My Profile

Here you will be able to take a look at your overall completion statistics and Switch Profile if you want to use multiple profiles.

Dovetail Live

This is your link to Dovetail Live if you chose to sign in earlier. 

  • Mastery - Complete specific in-game tasks to unlock rewards.
  • Creators Club - Access the Online Sharing Hub, Livery Designer and Scenario Planner.
  • Mastery Rewards - Completing certain mastery challenges will unlock "Overlays" which can be enabled here to add unique scenery to some routes.
  • News - Read the latest articles from
  • Railfan TV - Watch the latest streams and videos on our YouTube Channel in a web browser.


Customise your game by changing various settings. For an explanation of the options available, head over to support article Train Sim World 3 Settings Explained.

Timetable Mode

Timetable Mode can be accessed in by selecting either a Route or a Train first.

Selecting a Loco

  1. Selecting a Loco is made easier with use of the Search Box, Filters and the Sort option.
  2. Once you have selected a loco, you will be able to select a Livery from the following categories.
    • Official - These liveries will come with the game or add-on your loco belongs to.
    • Personal - These will be liveries you have made in the Livery Editor.
    • Creators Club - These liveries have been download from the Online Sharing Hub.
  3. Below the categories, you will see a list of liveries to choose from.
  4. Next, select a Route if you haven't already done so.

Selecting a Service

The following example of a service demonstrates the information that in being provided in the service selection table.


Service Name - Start Time - Estimated Duration - Medal Achieved

5G85 Gillingham Depot to Gillingham (Part 1) - 05:14 - 00:02 - No Medal

  1. Select a service from the table on the left, or use the Search Box to find one.

Customizing Weather

Starting from the top and moving down, here is how you can customize the weather in Timetable Mode.

  • Dynamic Weather/Custom Weather (fig 1) - Dynamic Weather will naturally change throughout a service. Custom Weather will stay the same throughout.
  • Date (fig 2) - Changing the date will have an impact on the ambient temperate, rain and snow.
  • Weather Preset (fig 3) - In Dynamic Weather mode, changing the weather preset will change the starting weather. In Custom Weather mode, the preset will set the weather throughout.
  • Weather Values (fig 4) - In Custom Weather mode, you can manually adjust the weather values.

When you are done customizing the weather, press Get Started to load into the service.

Using the Pause Menu

When pausing the game, you are presented with an assortment of options and information we will cover below. To navigate through the different tabs of the pause menu, use the mouse or the shoulder buttons on your controller (L1/R2 or LB/RB).


  • Main Menu - Abandon the current scenario and return to the main menu.
  • Restart - Restart the current scenario.
  • Settings - Access the setting menu, explained here.
  • Exit Game - Abandon the current scenario and return to the desktop.

HUD Guide

A useful reminder of what each element of the HUD represents. HUD guides are available for normal operations and Steam powered locos.

Control Guide

View the controls for the current input device and switch between the various control layouts. If you have a controller connected, controller mapping will be displayed for the currently selected control scheme. However, the control scheme and keyboard bindings can be changed from the Settings menu.


The top graph represents your speed vs the speed limit on the Y-Axis, over distance covered on the X-Axis.

The lower graph represent changes in gradient over distance. Being aware of upcoming changes can help you adapt to the given situation.

In the bottom left of the overview tab, you are presented with stats about your current train. 


The map tab shows a scale version of the route with station names. The driver icon represents your location, while the target icon represents your destination.

Selecting the full map icon allow you to view the full scale version of the route with traffic, signals and switches.

Please note that while switches can be toggled in the pause menu, they will not physically change until the game is unpaused. For this reason, you may wish to use the real-time map for switch operation. ("9" Key, Touchpad or View button)


This tab will list the objectives which make up your current scenario.

Message Log

This tab will keep a record of any instructions you have been given.

Common Issues

To help players troubleshoot common gameplay issues, we have put together the following support articles, based on each route.

Official Video Guides

Community Video Guides


Southeastern High Speed

Schnellfahrstrecke: Kassel - Wurzburg

Cajon Pass