The Settings menu can be access from either the main menu or the pause menu, to customize your experience. In this guide, we will go through the various settings available and explain what impact they will have on the game.

Please Note: The settings available in this menu may differ between platforms and games.


OptionAvailable SettingsDescription

Displays a prompt on the right-hand side of the screen,

whilst operating a train, each time a control is interacted


Control Change NotificationON/OFF

Displays a tooltip of the name of a control, and its current

set value, as you move the cursor over an operable

control in a locomotive cab.

Screenshot QualityNormal/HighReducing this setting will reduce the file size of screenshots as well as the image quality.
Volumetric FogEnabled/DisabledThis setting adds a visual density to fog, creating a more atmospheric environment.
Hide UI in DTL Railfan ShotsHidden/ShownWhen set to Hidden, there will be no UI visible when you Take a Railfan Shot.
Bidstack AdvertisementsON/OFF

Toggle the visibility of real-world, in-game advertising.
Motion BlurON/OFFToggle motion blur on camera movement and fast moving objects.
Save Game

This setting will allow you to save during a scenario and resume from the main menu at a later date.
CreditsN/AView the game credits.


OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
SubtitlesON/OFFToggle subtitle for voice over segments.
Default MovementWalk/RunRun/Walk by default.
Speedometer HUD SizeSmall/LargeIncrease the size of the speedometer for better visibility.
Crosshair VisibilityOFF/0%/50%/100%/LargeDecrease the opacity of the crosshair, disable or enable a large crosshair.
Auto Hide CrosshairON/OFFWhen the camera is still, the crosshair will fade after a few seconds.
Lightning EffectsON/OFFDisable lightning effects for photosensitive players.
Arcing Spark EffectsON/OFFDisable catenary sparks effects for photosensitive players.
HUD TypeOFF/Normal/Simple/MinimalChoose th HUD layout that best suites your gameplay style.
Show ScoreShow/HideToggle the visibility of your Score.
Show Current Speed LimitShow/HideToggle the visibility of the current speed limit.


OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Gamepad ControlsImmersion/ClassicChoose between the Immersion or Classic control scheme and view the controller layout.
Gamepad Settings0-100%Control the intensity of various haptic feedback settings.
Keyboard ControlsN/AView or rebind keyboard controls.
Advanced ControlsN/AView and calibrate controls for the RailDriver peripheral.
Camera Invert Y-AxisON/OFFChange up & down camera movement relative to the controller or mouse.
Left Stick and Right Stick Sensitivity0 - 10Change the speed of camera movement when using a controller.
Mouse Sensitivity0-10Change the speed of the mouse cursor.

HUD & Gameplay

OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Disable Junction DerailON/OFF

In some situations, whilst driving a train, a switch that

has been set to an incorrect position to enable safe

passage can cause a train to derail. The Off option will

mean that the train will react as it would in reality and

derail. The On option will allow the train to continue

unaffected by the switch position.

Objective MarkerON/OFFDisplays the location of the current objective in the 3D world.
Stop MarkerON/OFF

Displays a colored indication and marker in the 3D

world that depicts where you should bring your train to a


Scenario MarkerON/OFFDisplays a blue marker in the 3D world to allow players to start a scenario when on foot.
Next Speed Limit MarkerON/OFF

Displays an indication and marker in the 3D world at the

exact location of a changing speed limit.

Next Signal MarkerON/OFF

Displays an indication and marker in the 3D world at the

exact location of the next signal providing a simplified

representation of signal aspect (Green, Yellow, Red) and

the distance to that marker.

Next Signal AspectON/OFF

Displays an indication in the upper right corner of the

screen a simplified representation of signal aspect

(Green, Yellow, Red) and the distance to that signal.

Next Speed Limit HUDON/OFF

Displays an indication in the upper right corner of the

screen that depicts the distance to the next change of

speed limit as well as the limit that applies from that


Next Signal HUDON/OFF

Displays an indication in the upper right corner of the

screen the distance to the next signal.

Track MonitorON/OFFToggle the visiblity of the track monitor which will show the next 2 KM of speed limit changes and signals on the HUD.
Display Safety System HelperON/OFFHUD elements help with the operation of Safety Systems.
Camera Motion SwayON/OFFThe camera will move to show physical effects on the train. Disable this option to reduce feelings of motion sickness.
Camera Motion Sway Level0 - 200%Adjust the amount the camera will move in relation to physical effects on the train.
Immersion Camera SwitchHead out/External/FreeWhen using the Immersion control scheme, clicking in the right analog stick will switch from the internal camera to the selected option.
Measurement UnitsAutomatic/Imperial/Metric

Changes the units of measure for speed limits and

distances displayed on the HUD from miles per hour

(imperial) to kilometres per hour (metric) (1 km = 0.622

miles) and yards to metres (1 metre = 1.094 yards).

Imperial Distance UnitsAutomatic/Yards/FeetChanges the units of measure for Imperial distance when operating a train (i.e. 100 yd = 300 ft)
Imperial Mass UnitsAutomatic/Long Tons/Short Tons/Thousand Pounds 

Changes the units of measure for Imperial mass when operating a train (i.e. 1 Imperial Ton = 1.12 US Ton = 2240 Pounds)

Temperature unitsAutomatic/Celsius/Fahrenheit

Changes the units of measure for temperature as

displayed on the Timetable selection modes and


Gradient UnitsAutomatic/Percentage/Ratio

Changes the units of measure for gradients when operating a train (i.e. 1:10 or 10%).

Steam Firing ModeAutomatic/Manual/AssistedChange the level of control you want over firing in Steam locomotives. Automatic would be recommended for most players.
Training Modules in Quick PlayInclude/ExcludeChoose whether Training modules are included as a randomly selected scenario in Quick Play mode.


OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Master Volume0 - 100%

Sets the overall volume level of all the audio output.

Menu Music0 - 100%Sets the volume level of the menu music only.
Game Sound Effects0 - 100%Sets the volume level of sound effects (i.e. engines, buttons, switches etc..)
Dialog0 - 100%Sets the volume level of narration on guided scenarios or training.
Ambience0 - 100%Sets the volume level of ambient sound (i.e. birds, traffic, passenger voices)
External Alert0 - 100%Sets the volume level of external alerts only. Adjusting this will increase/decrease the volume of external audible alerts whilst operating/driving locomotives in the 3D world - i.e. the sounds of the alert systems can be heard even when using one of the external camera settings. Setting this volume level to 0% disables external audible alerts.
UI Sound Effects0 - 100%Sets the volume level of the menu sounds and tones heard whilst navigating the game menus.
In-Game Notifications0 - 100%Sets the volume of in-game notifications when objectives or route tasks are completed. 
Window Audio FocusON/OFF

Enables or disables whether the audio can still be heard

if the Train Sim World window loses focus (i.e. you click

on another window currently open in the background).


OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Screen ResolutionResolutions supported by your graphics card/monitor.The current resolution the game is rendered at in pixels. Increasing this setting will improve image quality, but have a direct impact on game performance.
Windows ModeFullscreen/Windowed/Windowed Fullscreen

Allows the player to specify which type of window the game display occupies. FullScreen means the game

operates in exclusive full screen mode and occupies the area determined by the screen resolution setting.

Windowed mode means the game operates in a window and can be of variable size as defined by the screen

resolution setting and includes a window title bar and border. Windowed FullScreen, often referred to as Borderless Window mode, means the game operates in a full screen window where the standard window borders are invisible. For this mode, the screen resolution is set by Windows and cannot be set independently.

Graphics PresetLow/Medium/High/UltraChange the overall graphical fidelity of the game. Increasing this setting will impact game performance.

Advanced Settings

OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Foliage QualityLow/Medium/High/Ultra

Defines the quality level of the population and detail of in-game vegetation and trees.

Shadow QualityOff/Low/Medium/HighDefines the quality level of shadows.
Effects QualityOff/Low/Medium/HighDefines the quality level of effects.
Sky QualityLow/Medium/High/Very High/UltraDefines the quality level of the sky and cloud rendering.
Fog QualityLow/Medium/High/UltraDefines the quality of fog effects. 
Post Process QualityLow/Medium/High/UltraDefines the quality level of post-processing effects such as motion blur.
View Distance QualityLow/Medium/High/UltraDefines the distance at which certain objects are rendered.
Texture QualityLow/Medium/High/UltraDefines the quality level of surfaces.
Max FPS20 - 150/UnlimitedDefines the maximum frame rate the game will attempt to render at. 60 would be recommended for most players.
Motion BlurOFF/ONToggles the use of motion blur when the camera or objects are in motion.

Smoothed appearance of edges in the 3D world. The various modes are: FXAA or Fast Approximate AntiAliasing which is an anti-aliasing algorithm created by NVIDIA and works by selectively reducing the contrast of

an image, smoothing out visually obvious jagged edges and isolated pixels. TAA or Temporal Anti-Aliasing creates a smoother, clearer image than any other antialiasing solution by combining high-quality MSAA (MultiSample Anti-Aliasing), post processes, and temporal filters (comparing previous frame with current frame).


VSync or Vertical Sync enables synchronization of the game frame rate with the display refresh rate for improved stability and perception of motion. If a display has a 60 Hz refresh rate, the in-game frame rate will be perfectly synchronized at 60 frames per second (fps).

Screen Percentage50 - 200%

A resolution scaling technique used to render a lower or higher resolution image than what is currently being

presented. This enables the player to balance performance and image resolution quality. Higher settings will incur significant performance overheads and high performing graphics hardware will be required.

Player Assist

OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Player Assist Default LevelBeginner/Standard/ExpertSet the player difficulty level by choosing from one of three preset that define the two options below.
Beginner - Auto Coupling & Auto Set Junctions are ON.
Standard - Auto Couppling is ON and Auto Set Junctions is OFF.
Expert - All player assists are OFF.
Automatic CouplingON/OFFRolling stock will automatically couple when they collide.
Automatic Set Manual JunctionsON/OFFManual junctions will automatically be set depending on your destination.

Dovetail Live Settings

OptionAvailable SettingsDescription
Re-enable Dovetail LiveN/AGet prompted to log into Dovetail Live next time the game is started.
View Dovetail Live Terms & ConditionsN/AView Dovetail Live Terms & Conditions