This guide has been designed to help players successfully drive the Class 395, 375, 465, and 66 on the Southeaster High Speed route.

To complement this guide, please refer to the relevant manuals for Quick Start guides, Safety Systems, and Signalling information.

Common Issues

Why won't the train move?

  • The DRA switch is active - The DRA (Drivers Reminder Appliance) is active when the red light is shown and will prevent any application of power. Press the switch again to extinguish the light before applying power again.
  • The cab hasn't been set up - Check the Master Key, Reverser, and follow the quick start guide in the manual.
  • The doors are unlocked - Check the HUD to see if the doors are open and use the manual to identify the Door Close button.
  • The wrong power supply is being used - Check the manual for "Power Changeover" instructions and make sure you are using the correct power source for the area in which you are driving (Class 395).
  • The Emergency Brake has been triggered - Check the manual for "Emergency Brake Recovery" instructions.
  • The cab was accidentally shutdown - If the Reverser is accidentally moved into the Off position, you will hear the start-up warning tones, as you move back into Forward. Then, you will need to press the Pan Up Shoes Down button once more to Close the MCB and before reapplying power (Class 395).
  • You have found the train in a "Cold & Dark" state - Please refer to the instructions in the manual for starting a train in a "Cold & Dark" state. Therefore, will be a few more steps to the set-up process when a train is found in this state.

Why does the Class 66 feel like it is dragging and stop when power is released? 

  • The Brake Cut-Out has been set up - The lead loco will need the brakes to be set to Cut-In, to be in control of the brakes for the entire train. Please refer to the manual, for the Class 66 Quick Start guide.
  • The brakes haven't been fully released - Hold the Automatic Brake handle in the release position, till the Brake Pipe Control dial, directly in front of the driver, reads 5 bar.

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