This guide has been designed to help players get the most out of the ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow Add-On. Below you will find information about the content available for this route, including links to community videos. Each of our video links demonstrate what a successful run may look like and can be used to help players having difficulty with a particular scenario.  


ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow Manual (English)


  • ScotRail BR Class 385


Training Center > Training > Class 385

Rail Journeys

Edinburgh Glasgow line Chapters:

  • Introduction & Experience
  • People Make Glasgow
  • The Nice Scottish Weather
  • The Capital Runs
  • A Bonny Ride


To The Trains > Choose a Route > Edinburgh - Glasgow > Scenarios


  • EDN: A braw start (Complete the Class 385 Introduction training module)
  • EDN: Pure Dead Brilliant (Complete all scenarios on TSW: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow)
  • EDN: Pure Class (385) (Reach Loco Level 10 in the Class 385)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my train move?

  • The doors are open - Press the Door Close Interlock button for the corresponding side.
  • The DRA is on, preventing throttle application - Press the DRA button to release.
  • The DDS is not set correctly - Set the DDS as you would a Reverser. (F- Forward, N - Neutral, R - Reverse)
  • The Master Key is Off - Set the Master Key to On.

How do I turn the TMS screen ON?

  • Tap the top of the screen

How do I use the guard panel to operate doors?

  1. Press the Door Handover button in the cab, for the corresponding side.
  2. Go to a passenger coach with a guard panel by the door.
  3. Click on the guard panel to open it.
  4. Use the Key Switch to activate the panel.
  5. Use the Door Release/Close buttons as you would from the cab.

When will ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow be released for PlayStation 4 & 5?

  •  Tuesday 31st January - More information is available here.

The TMS screen is difficult to use with a controller

  • Zoom in with the left stick and try decreasing the controller sensitivity by pausing the game and going to Settings > Controls.

TMS Operation

Demonstration Video

How to set up the TMS screen

  1. Turn the TMS screen by tapping the top of the screen.
  2. Enter any four-digit number
  3. Press Enter, then Login.

How to toggle the saloon lights

  1. Press the upwards arrow in the bottom-left.
  2. Press Saloon Lighting.
  3. Press On/Off to toggle the lights.

How to make passenger announcements

  1. Press the upwards arrow in the bottom-left.
  2. Press Auto Announce
  3. Select from the available categories on the left.
  4. Select from the available announcements in the centre.
  5. On the right, you can choose how you want the announcement to be played back (Once, Continuous, Repeat).
  6. Press Announce Only to start an Announcement.
  7. Press Stop to stop, an announcement in progress.

How do I use SDO (Single Door Operation)?

  1. Select Door Selection.
  2. Select the coaches you wish to open doors on.
  3. Then press Open Left/Right for the corresponding side.

Videos Guides

Compatible Add-ons

Compatible add-ons can expand the amount of content available on a route in various ways, such as liveries, scenarios, training modules and timetable layers. 

Edinburgh - Glasgow: Engineering Express Pack

  • Class 66 DRS & ONE
  • Journey Mode (Edinburgh Freight Pack Chapters)
    • Scotland the Brave
    • Coast to Coast
  • Timetable Services
  • Scenarios

Timetable Layers

Timetable Layers will allow you to drive locomotives from other routes/add-ons in timetable mode. They may require you to own the complete set of compatible add-ons before layers are activated. The exception being where an add-on states it has timetable support for this route in the product description. The following information is confirmed for 9th generation consoles and PC, but there may be some small variances for players on 8th generation consoles. 

Compatible add-ons for layers only:

  • Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow - Newton & Neilston Route Add-On (CCL)
  • West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives Route Add-On (WCL)
  • West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-On (WCS)
  • Cargo Line Vol. 1: Petroleum Add-On (CLP)
  • Rail Head Treatment Train Add-On (RHTT)
  • East Coast Main Line: Peterborough - Doncaster Route Add-On (PDB)
  • East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford Route Add-On (ECW)
  • Edinburgh - Glasgow: Engineering Express Pack (EDNPack)
  • Southeastern Highspeed: London St Pancras – Ashford Intl & Faversham Route Add-On (SEH)
  • Great Western Express Route Add-On (GWE)

ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow Route Add-On


Class 385 SR [3Car] (EDN)


Class 385 SR [4Car] (EDN)


Class 314 SCR (CCL)


LMS Jubilee Black (WCL)


Class 66 EWS (CLP)


Class 66 EWS (ECML)


Class 66 EWS (ECW)


Class 66 DRS (EDN)


Class 66 ONE (EDN)


Class 66 EWS (SEH)


Class 66 EWS (RHTT)


Class 66 EWS (GWE)


Class 37/5 RSR (WCL)