This guide has been designed to help players get the most out of the Northeast Corridor: Boston - Providence Route Add-On. Below you will find information about the content available for this route, including links to community videos. Each of our video links demonstrate what a successful run may look like and can be used to help players having difficulty with a particular scenario. 


  • ACS-64 V AMTK
  • F40PH-3C MBTA
  • CTC-3 Cab Car


Rail Journeys

  • Chapter 1: Pride and Providence
  • Chapter 2: Rock the Cabcah
  • Chapter 3: The 64 Bit
  • Chapter 4: Right Amtrak
  • Chapter 5: Nor'easter


Common Issues

Why doesn't my train move?

  • Make sure that train has been set up accordingly to the training module available at To The Trains > Choose a Route > Boston Sprinter > Training Modules.

How do I recover from an emergency stop?

  • ACS-64 - Move the automatic brake handle to release and wait for the brake pressure to equalise.
  • CTC-3 - Move the Throttle back to idle, Automatic Brake to Release and Reverser to Key Out. Wait for the brake pressure to equalise, then you can put the Reverser back to Forward and apply power.
  • F40PH-3C - Refer to the information in the US Freight Locomotives Gameplay Guide (Resetting the Loco).

How do I know what the signal mean?

  • There is a helpful video guide which will explain signalling along the Boston - Providence line here.

How do I use ATCS and ACSES?

  • There is a helpful community video explaining how to use ATCS and ACSES here.

Videos Guides

Compatible Add-Ons

Compatible add-ons can expand the amount of content available on a route in various ways, such as liveries, scenarios, training modules and timetable layers. 

Timetable Layers will allow you to drive locomotives from other routes/add-ons in timetable mode. They may require you to own the complete set of compatible add-ons before layers are activated. The exception being where an add-on states it has timetable support for this route in the product description. Timetable layers are applicable to 9th Gen Consoles & PC Only.

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