Train Simulator Classic 


What is included in this release? 

This Train Simulator Classic release includes two parts; a free core update and a paid refreshed routes package. 


When will this Train Simulator Classic release be available? 

This is planned for launch on 27th April. 


What will the price be? 

The price for Train Simulator Classic remains at £19.99/€24.99/$29.99. The Deluxe Edition is £29.99/$34.99/€34.99. For other currencies, please see the Steam Store in your region.


Will there be a discount for existing owners of Train Simulator Classic or included routes? 

No, there is no discount for this. The core update is free for all existing owners and for those purchasing to get the routes this is a good way to get three routes for a low price. 


What happens if I buy Train Simulator Classic before 27th April? 

Any purchases before 27th April will include the previous routes: Bahnstrecke Leipzig – Dresden, Tehachapi Pass, WCML South. Train Simulator Classic will be unavailable to purchase 24 hours before release on 27th April, and the store page clearly updated on re-launch to ensure no mistaken purchases.  


Can I buy this if I already own Train Simulator Classic or another older Train Simulator release? 

Yes. By purchasing this on the Steam Store, existing owners will get the three included routes added to their Train Simulator Classic DLC library on Steam. This is a good way to get three routes for a low price. 


Can I buy this if I’m new to Train Simulator Classic? 

Yes. This is the best way to get started with the Train Simulator Classic hobby. 


Core Update 


What does the core update include? 

The core update includes a streamlined codebase establishing a stable foundation on which we can build on, meaning you will see fewer crashes due to  invalid code in the software. We’ve upgraded the core code to use newer plugins which perform better and enable us to take the code forward towards bigger things such as multi-threading. 


Do I need to purchase this to get the Train Simulator Classic core update? 

No. Updates to the main software are free to all existing owners of Train Simulator Classic and will be installed automatically via Steam. Purchase is required for the routes only. 


Will there be future updates? 

Yes. We’re currently working on additional updates for Train Simulator Classic that include a variety of improvements. These will be released as free updates when complete. You can read about our work here on the below articles for more information. 


How can I access experimental builds? 

Following the release of Train Simulator Classic and this core update, we will be setting up a BETA to allow testing of experimental features that are in development. More to follow on this soon. 


Can I expect any performance or visual updates with this update?

No. This update was a necessary and important one to give us a foundation to work on future updates, including performance improvements and more.

How do I access the DX12 Experimental Build?

From 28th April, the DX12 experimental build for Train Simulator Classic can be selected from the launch menu after you hit play on Steam. Windows 10 or higher is required for this, and the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime may also be required. Please note, this feature is in development, so your experience may vary.

We'd like to hear your feedback on your experience with this, which you can do through the Dovetail Games Forum.

Why can't I see DX12 Experimental?

If you turned off launch options and don't see DX12 Experimental, you will need to right-click Train Simulator Classic in your Steam Library and change your launch option to "Ask when starting game".

Routes And DLC 


The routes included with this Train Simulator Classic release are Huddersfield Line: Manchester – Leeds, Long Island Rail Road: New York – Hicksville, Pegnitztalbahn: Nürnberg – Bayreuth. The Deluxe Edition also includes East Coast Main Line London – Peterborough and the Flying Scotsman Centenary Pack. 


Are the Train Simulator Classic routes in this release free? 

No. Whilst the main core update is free to all existing owners, the routes included as part of this release are not free. To get these routes, you need to purchase either Train Simulator Classic from 27th April or the individual routes. 


Will the Train Simulator Classic routes in this release still be available separately? 

Yes. All the routes (Huddersfield Line, Long Island Rail Road, Pegnitztalbahn) will still be available separately, and if you already own them they will remain in your DLC library. 

Are there any differences to these routes?

There are some minor updates, however the content, route layout and including locomotives remains the same as their original release. There are patches for the included routes that include some small fixes on Quick Drive for Long Island Rail Road, scenery for Pegnitztalbahn and language localisation across all routes. These patches are also applied to all existing owners.


What happens if I already own any of these routes? 

Any routes you already own will stay in your DLC library, and you will be able to play them as normal. 


Will I still be able to play or buy routes from last year’s release? 

Yes. If you previously purchased these routes (Bahnstrecke Leipzig – Dresden, Tehachapi Pass, WCML South), either as individual DLC or as part of the Train Simulator Classic release in 2022 they will remain in your DLC library on Steam. The routes will also remain available separately on the Steam Store following this update.