The Train Sim World 4 PC Editor is a PC-only editor based on Epic Games's own Unreal Engine 4 Editor. This will give you the tools to create almost any content you imagine using a 3D viewport and a workflow very similar to our developers. The PC Editor will be released as a beta, but functionality is expected to grow over time.

The Train Sim World 4 PC Editor (beta) can now be downloaded here from the Epic Games Store. You will be required to have an Epic Games account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Where can I download the PC Editor?

As the PC Editor is a highly modified version of the Unreal Engine 4 editor, it is still the property of Epic Games. Therefore, the PC Editor will only be distributed via the Epic Games Store, but will be compatible with both the Epic and Steam version of Train Sim World 4.

The Train Sim World 4 PC Editor (beta) can now be downloaded here from the Epic Games Store. You will be required to have an Epic Games account.

How much will the PC Editor cost?

The PC Editor is free to download.

What platforms will the PC Editor compatible with?

The PC Editor will be compatible with the Steam and the Epic Games Store version of Train Sim World 4. The PC Editor will not be compatible with consoles.

Do I need to have Train Sim World 4 installed to use the PC Editor?

Yes, you will need to run the game once before using the PC Editor. Then, when you start the PC Editor for the first time, it will automatically detect your Train Sim World 4 installation. However, if the game is updated, you will need to run the game again before using the PC Editor. If a valid Train Sim World 4 installation cannot be found, the PC Editor won't start.

Why is the PC Editor launching as a beta?

The PC Editor is still a work in progress, and player feedback will become an integral part of how the PC Editor develops in the years to come.

How difficult is the PC Editor to learn?

The PC Editor is an advanced tool, as such we recommend that players have an existing knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 development. This is a professional development tool and as such there will be no guidance inside the application.

What can you create with the PC Editor?

You can create anything you have seen in a Train Sim World game, or even something we haven't thought of yet.

So long as your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Train Sim World 4, you should be able to use the PC Editor. However, the PC Editor puts additional demand on RAM, as you can be working with uncompressed data. Therefore, your computer will need 16 GB of RAM at a bare minimum, but you may experience slow down with larger projects. Ideally, the PC Editor will need 32 GB RAM or more to have a satisfactory experience. 

Can I use the PC Editor with Train Sim World 3 or other games?

No, the PC Editor is designed to be used exclusively with Train Sim World 4.

How do I get started?

Start off small so you can get used to the tools, before you start laying miles of track. An ideal start would be to create a scenario on an existing route to learn how gameplay works. Once, you have mastered this you may want to move on to building something of your own, such as a simple mile of track with a station at each end. Then, use this space to practice the various facets of route building, including scenery, landscape, track, markers, junctions and signals. Once you are comfortable in your knowledge of the tools, you can move on to larger projects.

Modifying Content

Can you modify the Simugraph properties on an existing loco?

No, you will not have access to the source files required to edit Simugraph properties. 

Can you create scenarios and timetables with existing routes and rolling stock?

Yes, scenarios and timetables do not modify the existing content, but add on top of it. Therefore, it is absolutely possible.

Can you modify existing routes?

No, you will not be able to modify existing routes, as you will only have access to the cooked pak files. You can add new scenery using the scenery overlay system, but you cannot remove or modify existing scenery, track or signalling.

Can you modify existing trains?

No, you will not be able to modify existing trains, as you will only have access to the cooked pak files. However, there are some examples where you can create new instances of a train, to make some limited modifications. This will be coverd in more detailed in future documentation.


What limitations exist in the PC Editor?

No limitations have been coded into the PC Editor, but you will be limited by the nature of cooked assets. If you create your own assets, these limitations will not apply.

What assets will be available to use with the PC Editor?

At launch, you will be limited to using the cooked assets that come with the routes you own. In the future, we will consider the release of a basic asset pack, but this will not contain source assets. However, you can use your own assets or those created and shared by the community. Lastly, there is a large asset library on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

Can console owners use content made with the PC Editor?

No, consoles owners will not be able to use content made with the PC Editor, as there is no distribution system to get that data on console as well as platform specific restrictions to consider. However, we will explore the idea in greater depth in the future.

Licencing & Distribution

Can I use licensed content in the PC Editor?

You are not permitted to create anything that infringes copyright under the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy. The use of any real-world brands/trademarks is not allowed. All liveries created must be fictional and original work.

Can I sell user generated content made with the PC Editor?

No, you may not sell anything that has been made with the PC Editor. If you wish to sell anything you have made with our tools, you will need to be a third-party developer and speak with us at Dovetail Games. However, as stated in the EULA (End User Licencing Agreement) you may self-distribute your own content if there is no associated charge.

Can I distribute user generated content on a subscription-based platform such as Patreon?

The End User Licence agreement (EULA) states that user generated content (UGC) must not have any commercial purpose. Therefore, you may not distribute UGC content on any platform that charges a fee for access or premium upgrades.

How will PC Editor creations be distributed?

If you have made something with the PC Editor and want to share it with the community or friends, you will need to manually send the project files.

How do you support third-party developers?

We want our third-party developers to succeed. Therefore, we do our best to provide whatever they may need. This could be loco building, video tutorials. Gameplay support or 1 on 1 training sessions. We review their work throughout the development process and provide detailed feedback to ensure they get the best out of the tools we provide.

Who can I talk to about publishing my add-on commercially?

Please contact our dedicated team at to let us know about your exciting new add-on, we'll help you get started and walk you through the process. Note, you'll be asked to sign some official legal paperwork if we move ahead so, you'll need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to sign contractual agreements.

Technical Details

What is a "cooked" asset?

When creating content, Unreal uses its own internal "uasset" system for saving the data, whether it's a model, a texture or some other information.  This contains all the data required to be able to fully edit it and utilise it within the editor.  As an example, in the case of a blueprint script, this would include the x/y coordinates of nodes and their colours, any comment blocks and so forth.

When the game is built however, none of this needs to be present - so in the interests of smaller build sizes, faster loading times and reduced memory usage, the "cooking" process used to create final builds actively strips anything and everything that is unnecessary out of these asset files, leaving them only with what is absolutely required to run the game.

As a consequence, if you try to load these cooked files in the editor they will fail to load as they are missing all the data required for this.

Can you import assets from Train Simulator Classic?

No, you would need the original source assets.

Can you use common programming languages in the PC Editor?

No, you will not be able to use programming languages such a C++ or C#. The PC Editor uses the Blueprint visual scripting system.

Is there built-in support for mapping software?

The PC Editor will support a Google Maps overlay and import of KML and OSM data.

What is LIDAR data, and how detailed is it?

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is the technique used to capture topological data using a pulsed laser. It can vary in quality depending on the resolution of the scan. The German LIDAR data we sourced, had a 1-meter resolution, which was enough to accurately define track beds, roads, and rivers. However, LIDAR data can be expensive or unavailable in some regions.

What alternatives are there to LIDAR data?

The PC Editor also supports SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topology Mission) HGT (Height) files for DEM (Digital Elevation Model) which are much lower resolution but available freely across the entire planet from various online sources.

We target a consistent level of detail across all vehicles. On some that requires fewer triangles and others requires more. We strive to be efficient in our usage regardless, to maintain the best performance possible. the figures below are an estimation and should only be used as a guide for creating new assets.

  • Locomotives - approx. 120-140,000 triangles
  • Cabs  - approx. 70-90,000 triangles, more for steam engines
  • Wagons -  approx. 40-70,000 triangles
  • Carriage Exteriors -  approx. 100,000 triangles
  • Carriage Interiors (without seats) -  approx. 70,000 triangles
  • LODs will approximately halve the triangle count at each level before eventually being culled entirely.

Will there be documentation for the PC Editor?

Yes, documentation will be hosted on the Dovetail Support knowledge base. The available guides will be expanded upon over time and curated in to a complete list in the section below. To get started with, we have recommended a few external resources.

Known Issues

What does the error "Failed to validate content" mean?

The error message below means that you need to launch Train Sim World 4 at least once, after every game update. Simply opening the game to the main menu and closing it will be sufficient.

Video Guides