The following are some common error messages you may see in Train Simulator. If you receive any other error messages, they may be related to Steam, so we advise that you contact Steam directly for more information and support. If none of the solutions work, feel free to raise a new support ticket, and we shall try to help you further.

Steam Support:

Out of Memory Errors

An Out of Memory error is a generic message that can appear in a variety of situations. There is no one solution to this error, because it can be caused by many completely different issues. Therefore, we would suggest that players seeing this error troubleshoot the problem using the Troubleshooting Crashes & Other Technical Issues Guide. If you still require assistance after completing the guide, please raise a new support ticket with the information requested in Step 12 attached.

Unable to load file - Scenario.bin/ tracks.bin

This message displays when there is an issue loading a scenario. There are a number of reasons it can occur. The most common of these is that you are missing some of the data needed to run a scenario. Alternatively, the error may occur if you have made changes to a scenario. In either case, clearing the Train Simulator cache and verifying your files will usually restore the missing data. In the event that this does not address the issue, please contact our support team directly.

Consist builder - Can't load rail vehicle [loco name]

This message will occur when assets such as a locomotive is missing. The content that is missing will appear in the error message. Reinstalling the add-ons may work. It is also advisable to check that you do not have any third-party add-ons installed that may cause file conflict issues with the content.

How to Find Missing Content in Train Simulator

Error: Failed to create vertex buffer (D3DERR_INVALIDCALL)

This error message occurs when something 3D is trying to be created in Train Simulator. The main cause of this issue is your graphics card has run out of memory and cannot create the necessary model or scenery. Please use our Troubleshooting Crashes & Other Technical Issues Guide to make sure your graphics card is suitable for playing Train Simulator.

This can also occur when you minimise or Alt+Tab out of the game in Full Screen mode. If you need to access other windows/applications while playing, please set Full Screen to Borderless under Settings > Graphics. The selected resolution will need to match the native resolution of your monitor.

Why can't I access the game in Windowed Mode?

If you are having trouble accessing the game after changing to windowed mode, this is typically caused when an appropriate resolution for your monitor has not been selected before restarting the game. Next time the game tries to launch, it will be attempting to display an unsupported resolution. Therefore, you won't see the game window, only a tab on the taskbar. 

To resolve the issue, start the game in safe mode and revert your graphical settings to the last known working configuration, and remember to select a resolution supported by your monitor before restarting.

Starting Train Simulator in Safe Mode
  1. Open Steam and locate Train Simulator in the library.
  2. Right-click and go to Properties.
  3. On the General tab, and scroll down to Launch Options.
  4. Now enter "-SafeMode" without quotations in the text box.
  5. Go to Settings > Graphics, select a Full Screen mode and a resolution supported by your monitor (failure to selection a supported resolution will minimise the game to the taskbar).
  6. Press Save and close the game.
  7. You may remove "-SafeMode" once your game launches normally.

Error: Game failed to start [missing executable file]

This error is typically caused by antivirus software wrongly deleting or quarantining the game executable. Please ensure you are running both Steam and the game as an administrator and make exceptions for both in your Firewall and/ or antivirus, as applicable. For more information, please see Is My Anti-Virus Software Interfering with My Games?

After you have ensured your antivirus software is configured correctly, you will need to reacquire the missing files by verifying your game files and clearing the in-game cache. 

How to Verify Integrity of Game Files
  1. Restart your computer and launch Steam
  2. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
  3. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button.
  4. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.
Clearing Your In-game Cache
  1. Open Train Simulator
  2. Select Settings,Tools
  3. Click Clear Cache
  4. Restart Train Simulator

No Sound in Train Simulator

No sound in Train Simulator is typically caused by third-party antivirus software that has wrongly quarantined or deleted critical game files. You can learn more about this problem and how to resolve it in our dedicated support article here: Why is there no sound in Train Simulator?

Why Is the Camera Not Moving With My Mouse?

Camera control issues with the mouse and often caused by unsupported VR or eye tracking software. To learn more about this problem and how to resolve it, please see our dedicated support article: Why Is the Camera Not Moving With My Mouse?