With the release of Train Simulator 2020 and the introduction of a 64-bit version of the simulator, you will now be faced with a new option when you click Play in the Steam Game Library.

To select the version, you wish to launch with you’ll need to ensure the relevant box is selected before pressing “Play/Launch”.

To create shortcuts to the individual versions you’ll need to navigate to the location where the game is installed.

The easiest way to do this would be to right-click on Train Simulator 2020 from within your Steam Library and select Properties>Local files>Browse Local Files…

From here select the appropriate Railworks.exe and right-click on it then select “Create Shortcut” from the options available.

You can then drag/cut and paste the newly created shortcut to wherever you would like it to appear on your desktop.

How to check which version of Train Simulator I am running

To check which version, you are using you’ll need to open the Settings menu via the icon found on the main menu in the top right.

Once within the Settings menu on the left-hand side underneath all of the options, you’ll see the current version of the game you have installed and if you are using 64-bit or not.:

So if you have just the version number on its own with no (x64) this would indicate you are using the 32-Bit version of Train Simulator.

If you see (x64) this would indicate you are using the 64-Bit version of Train Simulator.