There are times when a player may come across a faulty workshop scenario, that can lead to crashes or other problems. There best course of action would be to entirely remove all workshop content. This is because simply unsubscribing from a scenario, may leave problematic files behind.

Unsubscribe to all Workshop Content
  1. Open Steam, locate Train Simulator in the Library
  2. Click on the Workshop button
  3. Go to Browse, Subscribed Items
  4. Then click on Unsubscribe From All
Next, you will need to remove the workshop files from Steam.
  1. Open Steam, go to the Steam menu then choose Exit (Ensure Steam is completely closed)
  2. Navigate to your Steam installation folder
  3. Go to Steam\steamapps\workshop
  4. Delete appworkshop_24010.acf
  5. Open the content folder
  6. Delete the folder 24010